Duncan has 30 years of practical experience in a wide range of biological disciplines particularly at the interface between biology, physics and engineering and has been the CSO at Vantix formerly Universal Sensors since 2003. Duncan was the main inventor of the biosensor technology that is currently being developed for the decentralised POC market.

Prior to Vantix, Duncan was a senior technology consultant at Scientific Generics (Sagentia), where he was central to a number of research and development projects. He has patents ranging from teabag innovation commercial cappucino delivery in vending systems, dielctrophoresis, electrical DNA denaturation, fluoropolymer chemistry for downstream processing and electrochemical biosensors.

Duncan was a research assistant for Dr C. R. Lowe, Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge University where he worked on a variety of biosensing technologies and also gained a Ph.D for the development of a novel fluorocarbon support for affinity chromatography. Prior to that, Duncan was a research assistant at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College investigating the evolution of insulin-like molecules from small aqueous invertebrates to fish and land based vertebrates.